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These sight-singing classes are the culmination of a dream that SAG-AFTRA’s New York Singers Committee has had since 2013. The dream was to have sight-singing classes for SAG-AFTRA, Equity and AFM member singers as well as pre-members held at the SAG-AFTRA office year round.


The New York Singers Committee is happy that the professional singer’s community in the greater New York area is now able to learn and develop sight-singing skills at a really reasonable rate. The Committee extends sincere thanks to Chantel Wright for coming on board as the instructor of these classes and creator of this website.


The New York Singers Committee also wishes to publicly express its gratitude to SAG-AFTRA and the SAG-AFTRA Foundation for their support. Since the classes on this website are not an official SAG-AFTRA program, the Committee is grateful to SAG-AFTRA for allowing the classes to be held in their office for the benefit of union members and pre-members. The Committee is also grateful to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation for supporting the free kickoff event on July 15, 2019.  More info to come on the kick-off….



Just in case you missed this important fact above, classes on this website are not, in whole or in part, a SAG-AFTRA program but are simply being held at SAG-AFTRA NY for the convenience of its members. The classes are open to SAG-AFTRA, Equity & AFM members and pre-members of SAG-AFTRA.  For information about the classes, do not call SAG-AFTRA.  Please use the contact information on this website for information about the sight-singing classes.

*There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. No refunds once class begins for any reason. You will be allowed to audit the next session but there are no refunds. For questions about signing up, call 917-885-1650.*

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